Dried alfalfa mixed fodder in bales

Medicago sativa - GMO FREE

Lucerne fodder in bales, a feed raw material obtained mechanically in a totally natural way without the use of added products. The alfalfa from the field is dried using a state-of-the-art dehydrator and then pressed into high-density bales. The product is controlled during the production process to ensure the absence of contaminants and undesirable substances and is stored at room temperature, avoiding storage at temperatures above 40° C.

Simple feed for livestock use
Medicago sativa - GMO FREE

Origin: Emilia Romagna – Italy

Analytical values s.s.
Moisture: max 12%
Protein: 12% to 15%

Balloons 110 x 80 x 200 cm
Balls 110 x 80 x 210 cm
Approximate weight kg 600/800
Tied with polypropylene plastic thread

The protein and fibre content make the use of our dehydrated alfalfa fodder essential for supplementing, supplementing and making the animals' rations more digestible in order to achieve higher quality and quantity yields in milk and its derivatives, meat and eggs.

The maximum guarantee of product hygiene is ensured by punctual acceptance and production checks carried out by company staff, guaranteeing hygienic safety and the absence of undesirable substances and pathogens in the finished product.

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